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When Will Pot Become Legal in Illinois

Illinois was supposed to be the national model when government leaders promised they would use marijuana legalization in 2020 to right the wrongs of marijuana. Read more Chicago Recreational marijuana sales will be banned downtown, Mayor Lightfoot says in draft order Mayor Emanuel outlines plans to use marijuana legalization and pay casino for pensions The laws are complex, but in short, people over the age of 21 can legally consume up to 30 grams of marijuana or up to 500 grams of THC (the active ingredient in the plant, which makes a person „high”) in a cannabis-infused product. or up to 5 grams of marijuana concentrate, such as medicated oils or creams. Thank you for your question! We are not aware of any language in the law (or any other new law) that would necessarily prevent the state from testing you for drugs during your probation as a condition of punishment. In general, judges have a great deal of leeway in determining the terms of a person`s sentence or probation. For example, although alcohol is legal for people over the age of 21, judges can order that you not consume alcohol during probation. In addition, weed is still illegal under federal law, and it is doubtful that the conditions of a person`s probation would give him the power to knowingly violate federal law. The town of Loves Park, outside of Rockford, voted 7-3 to ban the sale of recreational marijuana. „There`s a long list of cannabis where recreational cannabis is a social issue,” said Alderman Mark Peterson. Some councillors said the ban would hamper efforts to generate new revenue for the city; Loves Park has no property taxes. Residents can continue to use marijuana at home.

1. As of January 2020, the first day of legal recreational sales, more than 77,000 customers spent $3.2 million on legal sales at Illinois pharmacies. [30] These numbers were historic because no other state, Oregon in second place, generated such significant recreational sales on day one. Pharmacies have seen long lines across the state with customers from all over the Midwest and the country. On January 6, 2020, Governor Pritzker`s office announced that in the first five full days of adult recreational sales sales, 271,169 individual transactions nationwide generated total revenues of more than $10.8 million. [31] Total revenues for January 2020 were approaching $40 million despite supply shortages. [32] The Illinois General Assembly passed HB 1438 on May 31, 2019, legalizing the use and sale of recreational marijuana in the state for adults. Governor J. B. Pritzker signed the bill on June 25. Who will sell marijuana? On Jan. 1, existing medical marijuana growers and dispensaries will begin selling to adults until new licenses are approved.

According to the law, the state will begin obtaining and processing new licenses on March 15, 2020, and new pharmacy licenses will be issued starting May 1, 2020. Another round of licences will only be granted after the State completes an industry disparity and market study. The results of the study should be considered in the second round of registrations. „I don`t know if we`re finally going to legislate to get out of this situation,” Tarver said. „The original 678-page bill was so flawed that I`m not sure there are legislative solutions. Initially, when I was in talks to try to push back some of these things, there was a great deal of concern that if we went too far to do justice, it would be litigation. And now we are in a situation where there is still a legal dispute. And the people who often can least afford to be prosecuted are those who are fighting for their chances.

The Illinois Department of Revenue projects that this industry will generate more than $57 million in tax revenue and royalties in FY20 and $140.5 million in FY21, $253.5 million in FY22, $323.5 million in FY23, and $375.5 million in FY24. • After deducting administrative costs, the remaining state revenue will be distributed as follows: You must be 21 years old to legally purchase and consume marijuana. Illinois House Passes Marijuana Legalization Act, Approves Balanced Budget Chicago dispensaries, medical marijuana patients stock up before legalization Jan. 1 Will I be able to smoke wherever I want? No, you will not be able to legally smoke marijuana in public. Consumption in private homes will be legal. Local courts can decide for themselves whether or not to allow pharmacies to allow people to smoke locally. State Lawmakers Hold 4th Hearing on Marijuana Legalization The Illinois General Assembly passed the Medical Cannabis Compassionate Use Pilot Program (MCPP) Act in 2013. [10] The law legalizes the use of medical cannabis under strictly controlled circumstances. [11] In August 2013, Governor Patrick Quinn signed on to the state`s medical marijuana program, which would take effect on January 1, making it the 20th anniversary of the state`s medical marijuana program. I would like to ask the Commissioner whether he is aware that the Commission has not yet presented a proposal for a directive on the protection of environmental protection. [12] Those who live outside of Illinois but visit the state can legally own half of what an Illinois resident can own while they are here.

And a person cannot legally buy marijuana here and bring it back to their home state. Yes. It is illegal to drive under the influence of weed. There is a way to test your blood to see if you have used weed. There are also other ways for the police to say this. For example, your eyes are bloodshot or your reaction times are slow. Learn more about how to get a DUI increase. Once a nurse has certified their qualified medical condition, „legally registered patients” can apply for an ID card that allows cannabis to be used for medical purposes.

The law lists more than 30 specific medical conditions that can be legally treated with cannabis and allows the Ministry of Health to add other conditions to the list of bylaws. Applications for patients, breeders and vendors began in September 2014. [13] For a list of eligibility criteria, see Those who drive school buses or have a commercial driver`s license to drive large vehicles cannot get a medical marijuana card. How much marijuana can I buy or possess legally? Up to 30 grams, or about an ounce of marijuana plant material, edibles totaling no more than 500 mg of THC and five grams of concentrated cannabis products. Non-residents can purchase half of these amounts. Rep. State.