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When Can I Legally Use My Married Name

If I change my name on the marriage certificate but only want to use it for social purposes, can I keep my registered nurse`s licence in my maiden name? The NY Professional website states that any changes to the RN license name must be updated within 30 days of the change. I have not been given any real reason why my professional name is not authorized. (For example, I don`t work in a field that involves licensing or requires liability insurance in my legal name.) It doesn`t seem like a DBA will help me since I don`t run my own business. I am an employee in a large organization. I read somewhere that the middle name is not part of your official name. It`s true? They have only one official name. The use of an illegal name on government and legal documents after the fact would not be valid. I got married in New York and decided to separate my last name on the marriage certificate, the girl`s last name. I have a few questions about how this hyphenated name change can work. 1.

If I just want to change my DL and passport to hyphenated surname and keep my SS card with my maiden name. Would that be a problem? I started using it shortly after our engagement; I created a new email address a few months before the wedding and started using it (mostly for business purposes). I had set up my job to set up a new email account with the correct new name (they were setting up a new system, so I had to change my email address anyway). Everything is official, of course, I had to wait until after the wedding and I had the legal documents in hand. Before you get official permission to use your new name, you can introduce yourself or identify yourself with your maiden name, and then let them know that you are in the process of changing your name. This is often enough to meet the requirements in places like banks, as they understand that the name change process can be tedious. It can certainly be more annoying when it comes to passports, as government officials tend to be stricter with names. There are a few more details to consider before formalizing your new name.

From the details of hyphenated surnames to how to treat a new surname in the workplace, you need to remember the following important details if they apply to your situation. I cut my husband and added my last name to my marriage, but used the same name (my first name, my last name) without a break, I never contacted SSA. Can I just continue to use my name or do I have to inform SSA or DMV of my new hyphen name? Hello DR. If you changed your name with Social Security, it means that the IRS knows your new name. If your workplace files tax returns in your old name, there will be a discrepancy. You need to make sure your desktop is submitted under the correct name. I`m a doctor in Texas. When I moved here 8 years ago, I got a permit and started working under my maiden name. I got married 7 years ago and changed my name on the Social Security card 6 years ago – name with hyphen: daughter-husband. However, I have never changed it on other documents and I continue to work professionally under the maiden name.

Is there a deadline by which I need to change my legal records to reflect this (e.g. Social Security, passports, license, etc.). What about the Filipino identification system and passport renewal? Can I also use my maiden name with individual status? Changing your name after your wedding on Facebook or Instagram is a little less important than your Social Security card and driver`s license, but certainly easier – you`ll probably update them first! Even if you don`t want to change your nickname, you can update the full name associated with your account. Here`s how to do it for big social media platforms: Should I open a bank account in my maiden name to accommodate my work as a notary? If you only use your husband`s name socially, do not change any documents. They said you only changed it on your marriage certificate, so until you change it with Social Security and update your driver`s license, your legal name is still your maiden name. I would say start using it as soon as you feel comfortable! I haven`t started using it for anything official yet, but I just ordered a monogrammed item and ordered it with my initials and last name „in the near future.” There is no point in creating new email accounts, etc. with your maiden name if it changes in the next 6-9 months. Of course, if you are on your honeymoon outside the country, you will need your passport, and your passport must match your tickets. If you have your new passport when you travel, book the ticket under your new name. If you do not have your new passport at the moment, respect your maiden name when booking the ticket. Can I separate my last name or can I just leave it as is? I`m applying for a new job and need to do a background check. You can choose to create a new email address after you change your name after you get married, depending on whether or not the actual email address includes your maiden name.

If you`ve changed your name, be sure to customize the name that appears when you send an email. Hi Lina. The district official will not inform anyone of the contents of your marriage certificate, except the vital statistics office, when reporting your marriage. And between lines at the SSA office, DMV, and passport agency, you`ll likely spend at least a dozen hours (or more) changing your name. You may need to agree with Human Resources (or equivalent) that you can agree to them having your current name on file, but prefer to continue to be referred to by your maiden name.