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Stephen Legal Group Greensburg Indiana

There are no promotional videos for Stephen Legal Group. Submit legal video lectures, criminal defense law courses in Indiana Greensburg, legal ethics tutorials, and video tutorials for beginners related to lawyers and law firms. You can also download personalized video reviews for lawyers and law firms in Greensburg, Indiana and tell us more about these lawyers. Attorney may refer to attorney, as a general synonym (u.k; u.s.), attorneyat-law, or attorney-in-fact. Note: In most provinces and territories, the Attorney General is the government`s principal legal advisor. Lawyers also act as lawyers, lawyers, consultants or lawyers, or occasionally as licensed legal officers. Each jurisdiction in the U.S. state sets its own rules for admission to the bar, which can result in different licensing standards for attorneys from state to state. A law firm – as opposed to sole proprietorships – is a business entity established by one or more lawyers to practice law. Stephen Legal Group`s goal is to provide excellent legal services in an accessible and accessible manner. Stephen Legal Group is, at its core, a general firm ready to help you in any area of law, but there are certain areas in which we have specialized knowledge. With years of experience and a passion for helping their clients, this team is dedicated to your success, both inside and outside the courtroom. Chris worked with me during a very difficult time with my divorce.

He listened to what I needed and wanted and was a strong advocate for me when I needed it. He was also an outspoken truth-teller and was very honest about what he thought he could and couldn`t do. In the end, he gave me custody of my son and a solution to a case that had been going on for years. I would recommend that any father who is trying to familiarize himself fairly with the outdated court system visit him. You can call (812) 560-4595 or visit these attorneys at 105 E Main St Greensburg, IN 47240. Find the right lawyer for your legal case!.