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Snohomish County Free Legal Services

CLEAR is Washington`s free, centralized admission, counseling, and referral service for low-income individuals seeking free legal assistance with civil law matters. Volunteer lawyers work with SCLS to represent those who need full representation. Family lawyers sometimes provide full legal representation to victims of domestic violence or sexual assault in protection order and family law cases (dissolution, legal separation and paternity). Many cases involve special circumstances, for example if a client has limited English skills, has physical or mental disabilities, if the opposing party is represented by a lawyer and/or if there is a risk to the children involved. Snohomish County Legal Services is a free legal aid program for Snohomish County residents affected by poverty. Our staff, volunteer lawyers and volunteers provide information, advice and legal representation to ensure meaningful access to justice, regardless of individual barriers and needs. Through our family law clinics, insolvency clinic, resolution category, housing justice project, Pro-se support and direct representation by volunteer and staff lawyers, clients gain meaningful access to the legal system. Recruitment lawyers also provide unbundled legal services in family law, landlord-tenant law, consumer and administrative matters, represent clients at hearings, negotiate with opposing lawyers or write letters on behalf of the client. In these circumstances, when volunteer lawyers accept cases for limited legal representation, it has been helpful if urgent issues have been resolved in order to stabilize their legal position. For example, volunteer lawyers may agree to represent the client at an injunction hearing, and then the client may request additional assistance (per se) or a referral if necessary. This organization provides clients with information on community resources to help them resolve issues related to their current legal problem. These referrals include referrals to emergency or emergency shelters, mental health services, acute care, voluntary dental services, free or low-cost parenting education, family violence support groups, and drug and alcohol assessments and treatment. The staff of this agency and the volunteer lawyers of vulnerable clients in court.

Interpreters are available when needed Family Law Staff The lawyer provides emergency legal services to victims of domestic violence by filing protection orders and interim emergency orders in family law matters. The client is then referred to a pro bono lawyer for further representation after receiving the interim injunctions. In some cases, particularly where significant resources such as interpreter fees are required, our hired lawyer will continue to represent the client during court proceedings. Contact SCLS2731 Wetmore Avenue, Suite 410, Everett WA 98201Phone: 425.258.9283 Email: NEED HELP WITH A CIVIL LAW PROBLEM? Please contact the CLEAR National Money Transfer Service toll-free at (888) 201-1014. Many clients are able to proceed independently (on its own) with the help of a lawyer in the preparation of documents, legal advice and procedural instructions. Clients conducting proceedings are encouraged to return to review the documents they wish to submit and to further assess the case to determine if the transfer is appropriate and available. Snohomish County Legal Services offers free legal aid programs that serve the most vulnerable and powerless members of this community to ensure access to civil justice regardless of individual barriers and needs. SCLS uses a hybrid service delivery model that allows it to better meet client needs, including lawyers for immediate emergency response and highly complex cases, volunteer lawyers and paralegals for legal advice and representation, and a robust set of clinics and workshops to provide support and information effectively. Enter your location in the box below and we`ll find the best way to get there.

My daughter needs a lawyer for custody. The documents and tests have already been carried out. Prepare all documentation related to your case before calling CLEAR. All comments are open to review. If it is decided that a comment is inappropriate, it will be removed from the website. Interpretation/translation by volunteer, paid interpreters in a variety of languages tailored to clients` needs. All information on this page comes from the Snohomish County Legal Services website.