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Abstain Legal Synonym

is that abstention (obsolete) is the act of restraint, while abstinence is the act or practice of abstention that refrains from indulging in a desire or appetite. Renunciation, abstention, abstention, omission, abstention, abstention Synonymous and almost synonymous with abstention. reject, reject, reject, reject. To abstain from sin when one can no longer sin is to be abandoned by sin, not to renounce it. The value of the deal is reputational damage and long-term pressure. on the Chinese. It only works if you have a grand coalition that can keep this in the public eye, but if the Chinese. Getting many countries to abstain, which deflects much of this criticism. 1. Name, singular or mace Play it safe and avoid allowing men to share a room. 2.

Verb, basic form Some people may say this, but it is not illegal to abstain from voting. The right and ethical thing for me was that I had to abstain from voting, I have one of the most difficult cases of the California Parole Board. It would be a great injustice for me to think that I have a sense of indifference towards my country; I have more reason than anyone else to feel the value of the blood that flows through my veins every day of my life, and it is only out of caution that I sometimes refrain from showing how proud I am of it. An allergy to crustaceans increases the likelihood that you are allergic to cicadas, so it is better to play it safe and refrain from disembarking arthropods if you can not eat their cousins marine swimmers. The definition of abstention is the decision not to do something. An example of abstinence is not eating animal products during Lent. Abstaining means not voting. An example of abstention would be a senator who chooses not to vote on a particular bill. Synonyms: abstain, abstain, abstain, deny, hold back, stay hand, guard against indulgence English Phrases focus on words and their word families The word „abstinence” in example sentences Page 1 verb. [`əbˈsteɪn, æbˈsteɪn`] abstain from voting.

The bits of music can stop gradually or suddenly. A man is giving up work right now; it may cease an activity gradually; he resigns suddenly and completely; it stops briefly in what it can or cannot resume; He pauses in what he is likely to resume. What is intermittent or interrupted comes back as an intermittent fever. Compare ABANDONMENT; DIE; END; REST. Synonyms: refrain, deny, retain, respetnder, abstain, abandon, renounce synonyms:abstain, retain, abstain, renounce, renounce, renounce, deny synonyms:abstain, abstain, refuse, abstain, abstain, avoid, stop, stop, retain, withdraw, withdraw, retain, abstain, abstain from (something); Stay away; to neglect or refrain from doing so, in particular the enjoyment of passions or appetite; — with de. Synonyms: forgive, add, deny, give up, abstain, hold, renounce Abstention means not voting for or against a motion. Consciously avoid voting in a session in which you are present. Synonyms: present, abstain, retain, retain, retain, deprive oneself Synonyms: abstain, restrain, renounce, give up, deny, repucer, forgive Abstinence protects people from sexually transmitted diseases due to vaginal sex. But sexually transmitted diseases can also spread through oral-genital sex, anal sex, or even intimate skin-to-skin contact without actual penetration (for example, genital warts and herpes can spread in this way).

Complete abstinence is the only way to ensure protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Joshua Stamper`s theme music ©2006 New Jerusalem Music/ASCAP decorative, ornamental, graceful, elegant, exquisite, beautiful, attractive, pleasant, beautiful, elegant, artistic, tasteful, tasteful.